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I always believe an imagery can speak for thousand words and connect people to other likeness in the world. The only difficulty is to find the imagery which can speak for who you are. Sense 7 Studio is the creative space which is unique and specific for you to show your own personality.

After more than 20 year experiences in creating audio and visual arts, I know there are still more I can explore and provide. Now, I have the chance to bring my work into a new dimension as illustration in canvases, t-shirts and others to celebrate life in a unique way.

Every piece of work is composed of my passions of the creativity and the hope of making people smile so that they feel good about life. Photography, large format printing and seeking for details drives me to make the journey possible, but it’s the person who has the desire for something unique adds the final piece of the puzzle.

With your support and encouragement, I can continue to do what I love in a way that connects you with messages, designs and images that speak for who you are. When it’s time to show the whole world who you really are, why settle for something less…

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about me

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